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Slavkov u Brna, known in the world rather as Austerlitz, does not only have a beautiful castle. The previously inconspicuous town became renowned by the so called „Three Emperors Battle“ that was held in the vicinity on December 5, 1805 – the Emperor of France Napoleon I. defeated here the Emperor of Austria Franz II. and the Czar of Russia Alexandr II. The castle has been perfectly restored – originally it was the residence of an outstanding politician Venceslas Anthony Prince of Kaunitz-Rietberg, who was for a long time Chancellor of State to the Austrian empress Maria Theresia and her successors. Next to the castle there is a 15,5 ha large park, one of the most important historical ones in Moravia.

 Where to find us

Slavkov u Brna is a town located only 5 minutes from the highway D1.
Near Brno is the International Airport Brno, which is just 15 minutes from the town of Slavkov u Brna.